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A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites, usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order.

After completion of this course you will be able to

1. Know your audience.
2. Write Compelling Headlines. 
3. Add Subheadings to break the page. 
4. Use Bullet Points. 
5. Add Images. 
6. Optimize for SEO.
7. Add Clear call-to-action

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  • by Stephen Cook | about MMMMMMMMMMMM 19, 19

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    Pros Userfriendly

    Cons No cons

    Description  I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn the skills you need to start a blog. Concepts are very clearly, giving detailed examples with graphics so it's easy to learn and remember, and provides step by step instructions about creating content online.   

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